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Graphic Design is my artistic offering for those interested in a lifelong collaboration. As both an artist and graphic designer, my creative energy is valuable and I prioritize working with organizations that align with doing good in the world.

We live amidst changing times, and through mindfulness and clear intentions, we can design the life that lets us live to our highest potential. In the transition between where you were and what you've always wanted, in perfect timing, we meet in the glowing light of the Golden Hour.

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I am Golden Hour Design Studio in Bellingham, WA, specializing in small business startups and branding. Using a holistic approach to design, I weave intention into my client's work. I'm also a professional painter that shows and sells my fine art. Originally from Montana, I've called the pacific northwest home for over a decade and have a rich history of festival production and gallery curation in and around Seattle. With ART as a vehicle, my lifelong mission is to create accessibility between the technological and natural lifestyle so we can live an empowered, active, well-designed life.


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